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How to Hire a Florida Attorney

The most important thing to remember when dealing with any loss is to secure any property and of course the life of yourself and your loved ones. The next step is where homeowners get confused, and that is why we recommend that after notifying your insurance company of a claim you immediately consult a licensed Florida attorney. A Florida lawyer can help guide you through the claims process and be prepared to immediately respond in the unfortunate situation where a homeowners property insurance claim is denied or where repairs are not finished to standard. Having an attorney on your side throughout the process from the beginning saves a lot of time money and effort for homeowners and the Florida Attorney that takes your case.

When hiring a Florida Attorney for an insurance claim it is important to remember that most law firms will take an insurance case on contingency as long as the case has merit. This is because the law firm can recover their fees separately from the courts directly from the insurance company, so that the homeowners is not saddled with extensive legal fees after winning the right to recover their loss. Therefore typically homeowners with valid insurance claims can expect to hire a licensed Florida attorney at no out of pocket expense using the contingency arrangement.

If you have a denied or open Homeowners Insurance Claim on in Florida fee free to Contact Tyler Thomas Stiglich now for your free Florida Lawyer Consultation.

About Stiglich Law PLLC:

Tyler Thomas Stiglich has practiced law in Florida since 2015 and has represented hundreds of clients in criminal and civil litigation. Tyler’s experience includes serving as an Assistant Public Defender in Orlando and as a civil defense attorney for the largest defense firm in Florida. Having litigated criminal cases against the State of Florida and on behalf of the leading and larges insurance companies in the country Tyler has the tenacity and experience to seek the justice his clients deserve.

Now practicing independently Tyler is available to help his clients in a variety of areas including Criminal Defense, Real Estate Law, Property Law and Insurance Claims Litigation, Business Law, Personal Injury, and more. Whether you have been injured, your property has been damaged, you are being sued, or you have been arrested please Contact Us now for a free consultation.

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